We create a better atmosphere around food for you and your customer.

GSP, Inc. is a Kansas City, Missouri-based supplier of value-added packaging specializing in “cook-in” and “retherm” packaging solutions for microwave and oven applications. Packaging solutions include specialized self-venting films that deliver food enhancement in the form of superior flavor, texture, and heat profiles. Please contact us to further learn how our packaging solutions can benefit your retail or food service application.

GSP’s mission is to help its customers sell more of their own products by matching the correct GSP cook-in packaging solution to the customer’s unique application needs.

As a member of the global business community, we believe that it is our responsibility to supply sustainable packaging solutions, i.e. materials that are either produced from recycled raw material, are recyclable, reduce energy footprint, and/or assist in “source reduction.”

We believe it is not just our moral obligation to serve others through charitable organizations, it also feels pretty good. Some of the charitable organizations we support are included in the list below. I urge you to take a closer look and consider supporting these organizations as well.

www.givesafewater.org  provides cost effective simple-to-use water purification systems to countries like El Salvador that suffer from contaminated water supply.   A mere $100 donation allows for safe drinking water for a family of four for 10 years!

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